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Enquiries: Phone Doris on 0417 737 788

Room 31C in the Annex to the right of main Workspace building,

1 Halford Street, Castlemaine

21 Sawyers Rd, Woodend.

See CONTACT PAGE for directions and maps.

“The shape, position, tension and tone of our spines will determine the shape, position, tension and tone of our lives,” Donald Epstein, Founder of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).

Hi, my name is Doris Were and I welcome you to my Making Waves Harmonise web site. I am a Chiropractor, specialising in Network Spinal Analysis. I am also a Kinesiologist and Clinical Nutritionist. My Practices are located in Woodend and Castlemaine, and my goal is to empower Practice Members, including children (pre-school and school aged) to attain their health and wellbeing potential.

Network Spinal Analysis™ is an evidenced based approach to healing, wellness and body awareness, and is built upon a number of different approaches to chiropractic care. The application consists of precise, gentle contacts to the spine and body. The body’s response to these contacts are profound, as they cue the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.

Two unique healing waves develop with this work. They are associated with spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions, and the use of existing tension as fuel for spinal re-organisation and enhanced wellness.

In addition to NSA, my skills include:

Correction of retained neonatal reflexes (RNR’s)

Posture assessment and rehabilitation for:

  • Endurance & flexibility
  • Injury management
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Taping for proprioceptive changes, enhancing lymph flow and accelerating tissue healing.

Clinical Nutritional assessment & prescribing to:

  • Promote the body to detoxify through nutritional cleanse programs
  • Lose fat & build muscle
  • Regenerate & optimise function
  • Heal injury & disease

I utilise supplements comprising amino acids,
nutrients, minerals, herbs and flower essences.

Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA) to track progress of:

  • Muscle & fat total amounts and percentages
  • Cellular & extra-cellular fluid levels (reflecting inflammation and toxicity loads)
  • General health & wellbeing