The first questionnaire is on the Active Elements Site, which is a great way to use (homeopathic and mineral preparations) of cell salts, to optimize cell absorption and body function. (This form takes approx. 10 mins). This forms a good assessment of your mineral profile. (Use the same username and password each time you complete the survey, so you can track your mineral needs). The cell salts are good for improving absorption at a cellular level.

The Active Elements site automatically sends me a message to indicate the form has been completed; and I will then forward your mineral assessment to you.

Click on the following link


Once I have your new client details, first and last names and email address, you will be invited by email to complete the second questionnaire from the Metagenics Website.

When you receive the confirming email from Metagenics please accept by clicking on the highlighted link which will take you to the questionnaire for completion.

Choose Health Appraisal Questionnaire, and fill it out online (which takes approx. 30 mins), then press submit. This will provide a general history/assessment, which I can then have printed off. (I will require a text from you 0417 737 788 to indicate that you have completed the form)

Thank you