Returning Clients

Click here to book an appointment if you have previously logged in and created a password.

If you have NOT previously logged in and created a password please see instructions below.


  • Login, then click on “Book an Appointment”
  • Select a location Castlemaine or Woodend
  • Select the Service you require.
  • Select See Availability for All Providers”.
  • Click on the Date you wish to have an appointment.
  • Click on the Time for your appointment.
  • Click one of the spaces available at that time i.e. Woodend 1, 2, or 3.
  • Check the details of your appointment are correct. You can click on the “Back” button to change the date or time.
    You may type in a note to Doris if you wish in the “Appointment notes” box.
  • Click on “Book Now”.
  • Click on the “Home” button to look at “My Appointments” or click on your name at the top right of the screen to Logout. From “My Appointments” you can cancel an appointment.

STOP!!  If you are a new patient and/or wish to make an appointment for Clinical Nutrition, BIA  or Kinesiology, please ring or SMS Doris directly on 0417 737 788 to make an appointment.  Appointment times outside of the online diary appointment times are kept available for these purposes.

Thank you. Doris


Click on “Login”

Click on the link:

“First time here? Create or reset my login details.”

You will be taken to a new window, fill in your First Name, Last Name, Mobile number, Email address, New password, New password confirmation. Click on Get SMS verification code”.

An activation code number will be sent to your mobile number. Enter this number into the SMS Code box.

Click on the button “Reset Password Now”

The next screen will say “Please reset your password” Click on the box “Remember me” if you are on a private computer. Click on “Please reset your password”.

You now should be logged in. When you wish to make appointments in the future you only need to put in your email address and then your password.

To proceed click  here